Monday, October 12, 2015

Reflections: Looking Back

This class has helped me the most for writing so far in school. It gives me a chance to write about something completely random, in a sense, and then to get feedback then to make it better. I also like to read other people's stories so that I can get a good a view of a few different styles of writing. My favorite readings are the stories about how things became to be known as they are now. Particularly how the world was started and why things were created the way they are. I haunt really created a concrete schedule for this class but I usually try to work on things for this class late in the evening. Most of the time I do my work in my room at my desk but sometimes I work in my kitchen just to study someplace else. I actually have been practicing the growth mindset things I read. Ive been trying various types of studying for this class and even others. It has helped me to keep focus on what I'm studying so that I don't get with what I'm working on.

The Beginning used to reflect my interest in stories to read

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